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Wolfe FAQ'S

A detailed school calendar is sent home for each school year. 
In order to achieve
  • a prompt start to the school day
  • the fullest possible day of learning with a minimum of interruptions,
it is important that students arrive several minutes before 9:00 and 1:00.  Parent conversations with teachers after 9:00 are rarely possible.  With pressing information, please leave a note or message at the office.
Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 are typically picked up by their parents or guardians at their classroom.  Families who are picking up students in Grades 2 to 7 are encouraged to do so at or near the entrance to the school or at an agreed to location near the school.
Walking to and from school is strongly encouraged, both for the exercise and to reduce the pressure of traffic congestion.
Students are encouraged to travel safely to and from school in an active way.  Appropriate safety equipment (helmets!) should be used and bicycles should be locked securely.  Once on the school grounds, these transportation tools must be put away and not used until it is time to return home. Skateboards & scooters are not to be used on school grounds between 8:40 and 3:20
There is space in front of the school for student drop-off and pick-up and also  on 27th & 28th Avenue .  The parking lot is for staff use only. Student must not walk through the Staff Parking Lot and should instead “follow the PAWS Prints for a safe route between the school and 28th Avenue. Please note that cars left unoccupied for more than 3 minutes in the “Stopping Zones” may be ticketed.
SUPERVISION:  Supervision of students begins at 8:40 and ends at 3:20.  Students should not arrive at school prior to 8:40 unless they are participating in a team practice or have an appointment with their teacher.
SAFE WALKING ROUTES: Students and families should always use safe routes that take advantage of marked crosswalks where possible.  It is always ideal for students and families to walk in groups, an approach known as “the walking school bus”.
SCHOOL SAFETY PATROL:  Students are trained by the Vancouver Police Department and volunteer to assist before and after school at the very busy crosswalk on Ontario Street in front of the school.  They provide this service for twenty minutes before and after school.
If your child is absent for a day or two:
Please send a note to the classroom teacher when your child returns to class.

For more than two days:
Please notify the classroom teacher by a phone message. It is not necessary to notify the school office, unless instructed to do so by your family doctor. (eg. Highly contagious illness)

Should your child’s class be scheduled for a field trip or other special event that day, please notify the school prior to 9:00 a.m., so the teacher can be told.

If a child is absent in the afternoon after being present in the morning, and if the teacher does not know why the child is absent (i.e. medical appointment, left with
If your child will be arriving late for school:
If students arrive at school late, they should go directly to their classroom where the teachers will mark them “late”. There is no need for them to report to the office unless they can’t locate their class.

Students are expected to be in their classrooms by 9:00 a.m and 1:00 pm.  When a student is late, they both disrupt the class and will likely have missed important instruction.

During Teaching Time  If a student needs to leave school for an appointment, their parent should send a note to their child’s teacher and then when it is time to depart, “sign out” at the office.
At Recess  All students must remain on school grounds at Recess
At Lunch Hour  For children who regularly go home for lunch, please give a note confirming this plan
to the classroom teacher at the beginning of the school year.  One letter is sufficient for the year.
For students in Grades 6 and 7 who normally stay for lunch in the school, but occasionally have special permission to leave the school grounds, we require a note to the teacher, dated specifically for that day, stating where the child is going and signed by the parent. Students must “sign out” at the office before leaving indicating both the time they leave and their destination.  The student must also remember to “sign in” upon return to the school.
The school is organized into seventeen divisions and additional staff members provide support focused on a library program, English as an Additional Language learning and supporting students with complex learning needs.  
Students have a range of opportunities to experience contributing meaningfully and positively to the school community.  Students make important contributions to the community as Safety Patrol members, Lunch Monitors, Library Monitors, PA Announcers, Class Buddies, Equipment Monitors, Kindercare Helpers, Kindergarten Helpers, Games Leaders, The Green Team and Student Council and as members of project leadership teams.
Each year the staff, parents and community members volunteer to provide a range of sports and arts opportunities typically including volleyball, basketball, soccer, badminton, cross county running, track and field, band, choir, chess, knitting and other activities. The Community School Team provides More Sports programs as well as a range of other programs including Piano, Science Club, and Cooking Club.
School and class newsletters are sent home with students throughout the year and the School Newsletter is posted on our website (  We will be trying to reduce our use of paper by relying more on electronic communication
Parent- Teacher Evening and Open House, Parent Conferences and Report Cards are key elements of communication. 
Contact  your child’s teacher directly and arrange a suitable time to discuss the matter (either by phone or in person)  A  brochure  titled When I have a Question or Concern was developed by Vancouver parents, teachers and administrators and it provides helpful suggestions about effective approaches to addressing concerns.  Copies are available at the office and one is posted in the office hallway.
Students may bring these devices to school
- for the purpose of communicating with parents as needed
- the phones must be turned off during instructional time
- camera functions may not be used without teacher permission
- electronic games on phones or other devices may not be played during the school day.
Parents are invited to provide written consent that their child’s image  be used in photos or films for specific educational purposes.  A form is sent home at the beginning of the school year which asks for parent consent. No other photography of students is permitted
All visitors are required to report to the school office.  In most cases, after “signing in” they will be provided with a “Visitor Badge” to wear during their visit.  Only families of General Wolfe students, Sparetime Clubhouse. Vancouver Board of Education staff and invited guests may be in the school building or on school grounds.
CHILDCARE (Before and Afterschool Care, Kindercare)
Childcare is provided on the school site by the Sparetime Clubhouse and Kinderclub.  For information, call 604 875-1818. 
At General Wolfe, the Lunch Program is available to families who request to have their children enrolled in it and provide payment at the beginning of each month.  The nutritious and balanced meals are served in the lunchroom located in the basement of the school. 
The monthly cost of the Lunch Program this year will vary between $55 and $70 depending on the number of days in the month.

Parents who do not wish that their child participate in this program will send a home-made lunch.
*All students should bring a recess snack each day.
* Nut Policy.  We ask that families make every effort to avoid including nuts and nut products in students’ snacks and lunches.
Four Supervision Aides monitor the outdoor play areas, the basement play area and the lunch rooms..  Our team of Supervision Aides monitor who is on the playground, problem solve with students as needed and also organize some activities for students. Student “Equipment Monitors” sign out playground equipment.
Students should always wear clothing that is comfortable and suitable for active learning.  It must also be appropriate (no beach or party wear) and any visible logos or messages must be respectful and in keeping with the school Code of Conduct.  Students should always have outerwear that is suitable for the season including warm or waterproof jackets and boots when needed.
While electronic games, music and video devices play a large role in many students’ lives, these devices are not permitted during the school day.  In this way, students’ interpersonal communication and interaction skills are strengthened.  Students have access on school computers to games that are educational and there will be some exceptional circumstances when teachers may permit students to use music listening devices.
Our “Lost & Found” area is located by the South entrance of the School. Please check it regularly for lost items.

We recommend you sew tags or write your child’s name on coats, jackets, sweaters, and lunch kits.  If your child has misplaced an item, please check the Lost & Found immediately, then check again every few days, as lost items often take several days to arrive in the Lost and Found..
Very valuable items (e.g. eyeglasses or jewelry) are kept in the office.

Any items not claimed will be cleaned and sent to charity groups at the end of December, mid March and the end of June.
On days of heavy rain, students have a choice of (1) playing outdoors or (2) playing quiet games in the basement.
Children often have eight to ten colds per year and Vancouver Coastal Health provides us with the following helpful advice:
  • Students should not attend school if they are too unwell to take part in activities
  • We can not always tell when someone is infectious.  For this reason we should use good infection control procedures all the time
    • Wash your hands properly (soap and water for 20 seconds)
    • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze or cough, throw it out and then wash your hands.  If no tissue is available, cough or sneeze into your sleeve, not your hand.
In the interest of the best possible overall student and staff health, students who are clearly unwell and contagious should not attend school!
The staff and students regularly practice emergency procedures and are prepared for these circumstances.  In the event of an earthquake, students will be evacuated from the school, assembled on the playing field  and supervised until each child is picked up by a parent or an authorized “emergency contact”. In the event of a prolonged evacuation, students and staff will likely move to the local Community Centre.
Reach for the Stars:
Wolfe School has a home reading program called “Reach for the Stars”. All classes participate in this program for the school year.  In September, each student has a certificate posted in their classroom and receives a star after their recording sheet is returned to the classroom teacher. The last assembly of the year is used to acknowledge the year long reading achievements of all students. Students who achieve 18 stars will have read every day for the entire school year.