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Special Education

The Special Education department at Windermere encompasses a wide range of programs and supports for our students.   The department has the following goals:
1.  To enable our students to become independent, engaged members of the Windermere community and the one in which they live.
2.  To develop our student’s skills so they are able to advocate for themselves while at Windermere and consequently transition into post-secondary life with a plan and confidence.
3.  To continue to promote inclusion and advocate for our students within the Windermere community, through both our actions and the language we use.   

We are fortunate to have the use of Ipads, and a variety of computers to assist in student learning. The following programs and classes make up the department:
P.A.S.E. (Projects, Academics, Skills, Experience) is for students aged 15-18 who have not found success in the mainstream program. This program combines various metalwork, woodwork, and small engine repair facilities with an academic class setting. Outside of the classroom is a two-week Work Experience and a significant Outdoor Education component. The academic portion focuses on Math and English literacy through a blend of adapted and modified grade 9 and 10 curriculum topics from Socials, Science, English, and Math.  Successful Pre-Employment students have the opportunity to earn Grade 10 equivalency.
Learning Support Program is for students in grades 8 and 9 who have been identified with a Learning Disability.  Students are referred through their homeschool and the District into the program.  Students take Socials 8 or 9; English 8/9, and Science 8/9 with a specialist teacher in that subject area, and are enrolled in Math 8A, 9P regular 8 or 9 as their learning requires.  Courses are adapted in content and teaching methods to best suit their needs.  Students also receive an Academic Strategies block and are fully integrated into PE, the skills and fine arts rotations.   In grade ten students move into the mainstream for all classes.  Classes have a maximum of 15 students.
CORE – is for grade 8 students who may experience difficulty in the transition to high school due to social/emotional/anxiety concerns.  They are enrolled in smaller classes for English, Socials and Science and receive an Academic Strategies block.  Course material may be adapted in teaching and evaluation methods.   Students are referred by their grade seven teachers. Classes have a maximum of 15 students.
Academic Strategies – is a support class for students in all grades.   Students will learn strategies for organization, planning, test preparation as well as receive assistance with coursework. 
Literacy – is a support class for students who require assistance with language development who are not ELL.  Students receive instruction in the mechanics of writing, as well as assistance in the language and understanding of some of the textbooks that are used in their classes.
Life Skills Program – is a District program for students in gr 8 – 12 who have moderate to profound intellectual disabilities.  They are referred through their home school and the District.  Students work with the teacher and support staff to develop their learning and life skills through an individual education plan.  See more details under the School Programs page. 
Homework club – is open to all students  on Thursdays in Rm 121, and by the SSA’s in the main school on Tuesday and Wednesday in Rm 206.


Department Head Ms. J. Maitland

Mr. L. Breton
Ms. A. Lee
Ms. D. Markic
Ms. J. Liew
Ms. J. Tong
Mr. J. Wynn



Support Workers 

R. Mitchell
I. Labelle
R. Ralar


L. San Pascual
R. Schapansky
D. Starry