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The Counselling team at Windermere Secondary offers a variety of supports for students including counselling services for academic concerns, personal issues and career exploration. We welcome the opportunity to provide members of our school community with safe, caring and confidential services.

Students and parents are encouraged to schedule appointments by contacting the appropriate counsellor listed below.





Kelly Bosello (Th,Fri,Wed )

Karen Lowe

(Mon, Tu, Wed )

Grade 9

Grade 8: Mc-Sa


604-713-8180 Ext. 7602

Irene Kim

Grade 10

Grade 8: Sc-Z


604-713-8180 Ext. 7603

Barb Ng

Grade 11

Grade 8: A-Ge


604-713-8180 Ext. 7600

Rob Greenshields (Department Head)

Grade 12

Grade 8: Gi-Ma


 604-713-8180 Ext. 7601


At Windermere, Grade 8 students are assigned to counsellors according to their surnames (I.e. students with last names “A-Ge” assigned to one counsellor, last names “Gi-Ma” assigned to another, etc.)

Beginning in Grade 9, students are assigned to a designated grade counsellor who will continue to work with the cohort through to their Grade 12 graduation.​


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