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Counselors are here to guide students throughout their high school career. They assist students with adding, dropping and replacing courses. They also help the students with graduating programs and assisting in post-secondary applications. Students can seek the confidential help from their counselors for non-academic issues as well.
Grades 8′s are assigned their counselor by homeroom, and from grades 9-12 the students are assigned their counselor. After the grade 9-12 students have been assigned their counselor, they will have the same counselor for the rest of their high school life.


Department Members

Department Head         Mr. R Greenshields
Mr. R. Greenshields   (Grade  12 & 8E, 8F)
Ms. B. Patenaude  (Grade 11 & 8C, 8D)
Ms. B. Ng     (Grade 10 & 8A, 8B)
Ms. I. Kim (Grade 9 & 8G, 8H)