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Warrior Warehouse Management Team

Chief Executive Officer
 Doris Young 
Director of Human Resources  Eva Ha, Karan Bharati 
Director of Communications  Silvia Zhang 
Director of Advancement (External)  Raymond Tan 
Director of Advancement (Internal)  Angela Jiang 
Advancement Team Manager  June Lam, Jeffrey Ma 
Director of Training  Eilleen Faraon 
Daily Manager  Stanley Liang, Anderson Mok, Kevin He, Cindy Pham, Chris Ng, Mark Ma, Eric Zhang, William Kwok, Anderson Li, Huy Dinh 
Chief Operations Officer  Agnes Tan 
Logistics Director  Nicole Lui, Shawna Turai 
Director of Product Research  Richard Zhou 
Product Manager  Jaisen Mok, Chanelle Chow 
Chief Financial Officer  Ruby Li 
Controller  Shanisha Pillay 
Assistant Controller  Valerie Low 
Internal Accounting Manager  Kento Vince, Brandon Cheng 
Auditor  Andrew Ho, Brian Hoang, Ted Liao, Evelina He 
Chief Marketing Officer  Michelle Zhen 
Director of Events  Cindy Nguyen, Nicolas Pizarro 
Director of Donor Relations  Samantha Yao, Sandra Zhen
Director of Marketing  Kylie To, Terry Lam
Marketing Team Manager  Michelle Lan, Aniva Lu 
Director of Market Research  Allison Siapno, Kelly Liu
Artistic Director

 Kristine Yuen, Shanon Liu 

Director of International Relations  Bika Wu