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Windermere Marketing Grouip

Chief Executive Officer: Chris Vasiu

Director of HR: Cindy Chen, Gordon Leung

Director of Communications: Lisa Nguyen

Director of Internal Relations: Carrie Luk 

Advancement Team Manager: Alice Zhang, Henry Nguyen

Internal Resource Manager: Sandy Ly

Director of Community Relations: Alyssa Yan

Community Development Manager: Elisa Zhen

Community Development Coordinator: Nathalie Giang, Eric Tan

Director of External Resources: Christal Do


Chief Operations Officer: Prabhbir Purewal

Director of Operations: Jenkin Zhang, Kaylan Garcha

Director of Corporate Designs: Adam Tran, Elisa Zhen

Director of Training: Brandon Lau

Daily Manager: Amy Le, Anna Dinh, Joanne Ha, Justin Yan, Kyle He, Kyler Panganiban, Lynn Nguyen, Mark Daniel Pua, Richard Luu, Tiffany Tu


Chief Marketing Officer: Jessica Sun

Director of Events: Austin Nguyen, Stephanie Yen

Director of Marketing: Kelly Chong, Timmy Wu

Marketing Team Manager: Daisy Martin-Moore, Shelly Pham

Director of Market Research: Clara Sun, Joshua Turai

Director of Donor Relations: Andrew Yu, Angus Ho


Chief Financial Officer: Jenny Zeng

Controller & Director of Fundraising: Eric Zhang

Community Account Manager: Ben Lum

Events Account Manager: Vincent Wu

Operations Account Manager: Vishal Pillay

Auditor: Jayson Wu, Jeffrey Low, Ricky Lai, Wilmer Lin, Wilson Yu