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Graduation Transitions

Graduation Transitions (GT) is a 4-credit requirement that is intended to prepare students for a successful transition to life after secondary school. GT is a three-year process that starts in Grade 10 and culminates
in an interview in Grade 12. Upon the successful completion of the Prescribed Learning Outcomes a
“Requirement Met” (RM) mark will be assigned. Students are required to collect evidence and reflect on their
achievements in the following areas:
  • Personal Health
  • Community Connections
  • Career and Life
Note: GT is NOT included as a block on a student’s timetable; rather, it is the individual student’s responsibility to complete the GT requirements on his/her own time.

Community Connections

Personal Health

Career and Life

§    Career and Life Reflection


GRAD TRANSITIONS - PRESENTATION (For students who are not in Career Prep and WE. course)