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Parents as Teachers

Concerns have been expressed by parents at Windermere parent/teacher conferences as to how they may best participate in the education of their children.  There are many areas where parents can take an active part and play a key role in supporting the education process.  The following are some suggestions for parental  participation.
·         Have books/magazines in the house
·         Encourage reading
·         Read yourself
·         Initiate conversation at family gatherings
·         Ask for input and value it
·         Accept listening as a form of communication
·         Demonstrate that you value education
·         Encourage your child to participate in educational activities
Academic Guidance:
·         Encourage your child to explore, discover and learn
·         Praise initiative and effort
·         Encourage and suggest activities
·         Share your expertise.  Teach how
·         Praise accomplishments
Cultural Activities:
·         Participate together in activities offered in the community,
e.g. festivals, theatre, concerts, etc
External Resource:
·         Encourage library use/library cards
Emotional Support:
·         Encourage responsibility goe behavior
·         Have consistent expectations
·         Trust
·         Love