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Kindergarten Program

Program Overview
The Kindergarten Program consists of ten sequential modules. Every module follows the same structure - a half-day of learning that is divided into one or two sets. Each set comprises five sections of lessons. The modules are written to B.C. curriculum and follow all Ministry of Education guidelines.
The Vancouver Learning Network Teacher
You and your child have a partner in learning - your child's teacher. The role of the teacher is to work with you and your child, and to adapt or modify the program to suit your child's particular needs. The teacher will also assess and evaluate your child's progress as a developing learner.
Assessment and Evaluation
You and the teacher will assess your child's development and progress on a continuing basis. The assessment is based on your comments, the work submitted in the Student Book, and the teacher's phone calls and home visits.
Letter Grades
Letter grades are not given to children enrolled in the Primary Program. The teacher will provide an evaluation of your child's development through written reports, comments in the Student Book, and conversations with you. This evaluation is based on the Ministry of Education's Prescribed Learning Outcomes for each grade level.
A Half-Day of Learning
A half-day of learning consists of a rich variety of activities for you and your child to explore. Most of the modules contain two sets of work, and follow a standard format. Each half-day of learning should take around two and a half-hours - there are recommended times given for each activity.

A person is eligible to enrol in VLN courses provided the person:
  • is a resident of B. C.
  • is not registered in any other educational institution
There is a $100.00 book deposit for students studying in B.C. Students traveling outside of B.C. will be required to pay a $300.00 book deposit. There will be a full refund, if books and materials are returned in good condition.
Kindergarten students are given a supply kit and a shared resource kit.