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Grade 5 Programs - Courses Overview


Math 5 looks at place value, rounding off, standard and expanding form, estimation, regrouping in addition and subtraction, multiplication, division and multi-step problems; comparing and renaming fractions as decimals, and problem solving. Also Grade 5 Math looks at geometry, tessellations and problem solving strategies.

Note: An answer key for Math is sent out to each student. All completed work is to be marked by the home instructor and corrected by the student (if any errors are made). Remark corrected work. Immediate feedback allows the student to see where he/she has gone wrong and is given the opportunity to learn from his/her mistakes. Indicate errors and any problem areas on the front page for the teacher.

English Language Arts

The Grade 5 English Language Arts (ELA) course is divided into five core modules and two novel studies. There are 20 lessons in each of the core modules. Each lesson takes about 90 minutes to complete. If you need more time to complete a lesson, then consider leaving out the Going Further activity. You should try to complete one lesson each day. However, sometimes you might need more than one day to complete a lesson. No problem - there are enough days in the school year for you to spread some lessons over more than one day. If you keep working steadily, 90 minutes a day, you will finish the course within the school year, even if you do not finish every lesson in one day.

Language Arts 5 builds on reading comprehension, vocabulary development, sentence construction, paragraph writing, novel analysis, and poetry, different writing genres, communication skills, research skills, differentiating between fact and opinion, and recording information.

There are also three independent novel studies that are completed in the year.  Your teacher will ask you to choose three novels from a selected list OR the student can indicate novels of his/her choice.


Science 5 consists of five modules.  Each module is accompanied by its own Activity Workbook and a Home Instructor's Guide and Assignment Booklet.  Areas of study include:  weather, properties of matter, making things move, and the human body.

The course has been designed to use materials found in the home. Throughout the modules there are references to Internet sites as resource options for students who have access to the Internet.

Social Studies

Social Studies 5 consists of four modules.  Each module is accompanied by its own instructional booklet and student notebook.  The text "Connections Canada" is used for the course.  Areas of study include:  Canada and its peoples, government in Canada, and Canadian communities.

Visual Art

Visual Arts 5 looks at using contrast and colour and alternate materials, pure line drawing, texture, printing patterns and drawing cartoons, and use of paint and 3 dimensional art forms.

French or other second language

Our second language program is through student access to an online program from Rosetta Stone.  Students will need internet access and a microphone with a headset.  Students learn a second language through an immersion approach.  There are three levels in each language.  Once students complete level 3, it is deemd that they are proficient in oral competency in that second language.​