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Grade 4 Program

  • All grade 4 students will be expected to work through seven main modules and three science units
  • The modules are designed to be completed sequentially
  • One science unit is to be completed in each of the three terms
  • Modules consist of 18 days of learning. 
  • All subject areas (except Math and Science) are integrated thematically within the modules.

A person is eligible to enrol in Vancouver Learning Network courses provided he/she:

  • is a B. C. resident
  • is not registered in any other educational institution

There is a $100.00 book deposit for students studying in B.C. For students traveling outside of B.C., a $300.00 book deposit is required. When the student is finished, there will be a full refund if the books and materials are returned in good condition.

Grade 3 & 4 Classroom Website

For details and updated news on Grade 3 and 4, click here for the Classroom website.​