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Grade 4 Program - Module Overview

Module 1: Say Hello!

In this beginning module, the student is introduced to the format and expectations of this and following modules. The theme of the module is the child, his or her body, friendships and family. The novel 'The War with Grandpa' is included in this module.

Module 2: Look Around

The theme of this module is the interdependence of plants, animals, and people. Students learn about weather, the water cycle, habitats, and food chains. Throughout the module they see how all living things are connected.


Module 3: Get the Message!

This module is about how people communicate. Students learn about a variety of ways we send messages - through hand signals, codes, signs, and by making works of art. There are opportunities throughout the module for students to make up their own messages in a variety of forms.


Module 4: Write On!

The emphasis in this module is on the writing process. Students will try out a variety of forms of writing as well as reading a variety of stories, including a tall tale, cartoons, and a mystery novel. Students will also have the opportunity to analyze evidence through scientific experiments.


Module 5: Crossing Canada - West

In this module, the student begins a study of Canada, starting in British Columbia and traveling across the western provinces and territories. He or she will also look back in history at Canada's early people.


Module 6: Crossing Canada - East

Students continue the study of Canada, beginning in the province of Manitoba and continuing to Newfoundland. They also have an opportunity to delve into Canada's past, and then to explore their home territory in more detail.

Module 7: Finding Solutions

Students will work through the second half of this module only which focuses on the novel 'Dear Mr. Henshaw'.​