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Grade 3 Program

Program Overview
The Grade 3 Program consists of nine sequential modules. Each module follows the same basic structure - two or three sets, each set containing one week of lessons. The modules are written to follow the B.C. curriculum and all Ministry of Education guidelines. 'Jump Math' is a separate Math course included in the program.
The Vancouver Learning Network Teacher
You and your child have a partner in learning - your child's teacher. The role of the teacher is to work with you and your child. The teacher may adapt or modify the program to suit your child's particular needs, and provide alternate projects or resources. The teacher will also assess and evaluate your child's progress.
Assessment and Evaluation
You and the teacher will discuss your child's development and progress on a continuing basis. The assessment is based on your comments, the work submitted via Student Books and via computer, and information gathered by the teacher through phone calls, emails, home visits, participation in blogs, field trips and other class activities. 
Letter Grades
Letter grades are not given to children enrolled in the Primary Program. The teacher will provide an evaluation of your child's development through written reports, comments in the Student Book and conversations with you. This evaluation is based on the Ministry of Education's Prescribed Learning Outcomes for each grade level.
Home Facilitator
As each child is different, it is important for you to adapt the learning pace when necessary for your child. Each module is divided into two or three sets. Each set contains five days of lessons. You can adjust the time allotments in each of these sections to suit your child's developmental level. Some children may need a longer time to complete a section of work while others may need less time.
Adapt the lessons to suit your child's needs. If your child has a good understanding of the concept or skill presented, move on to the next activity. If your child does not have a complete understanding, take some time to provide review and practice activities. If your child becomes frustrated, go on with the program and revisit the concept or skill at a later time.
Act as your child's scribe. There are times in the modules where you will be asked to be your child's scribe. Often you will be asked to add information to a web, write lists, or put information on a chart. Write your child's answers or information exactly as they are dictated.
Give your child as many practical experiences as you can provide. If possible, arrange field trips that are module-related. Provide hands-on experiences, especially in Mathematics.
Relax and enjoy learning with your child.
If your child is experiencing any difficulties, contact your child's teacher immediately.
Never do for a child what a child can do independently!
A person is eligible to enrol in VLN courses provided the person:
  • is a resident of B. C.
  • is not registered in any other educational institution
There is a $100.00 book deposit for students studying in B.C. Students traveling outside of B.C. will be required to pay a $300.00 book deposit. There will be a full refund, if books and materials are returned in good condition.
Grade 3 students are given a shared resource kit and supply kit. There is also an option of accessing some alternate learning resources online and borrowing education CD ROMS. Internet connectivity is required.

Grade 3 & 4 Classroom Website
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