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Grade 1 Program

Program Overview
Modules 1 - 9 of the primary program are designed for students enrolled in grade 1. The modules follow the  B.C. curriculum and all Ministry of Education guidelines. Each module contains 2 to 3 sets, each set contains five sections of lessons. You will find that a module generally takes 2 - 3 weeks to complete. Thus it is expected that most children will complete all 9 modules within a year. The modules, which cover a variety of topics, deal with all the subject areas being integrated into the activities and projects. There is a separate Math course included in the program with booklets to be sent in with the theme modules. The delivery and success of this program depend upon the amount and the effectiveness of parent/child interaction. This program is delivered by the parent/home facilitator and monitored by the VLN teacher. Reports will be issued 3 times a year.

A person is eligible to enrol in VLN courses provided the person:
  • is a resident of B. C.
  • is not registered in any other educational institution
There is a $100.00 book deposit for students studying in B.C. Students traveling outside of B.C. will be required to pay a $300.00 book deposit. There will be a full refund, if books and materials are returned in good condition.
Grade 1 students are given a shared resource kit and supply kit. There is also an option of accessing some alternate learning resources online and borrowing education CD ROMS. Internet connectivity is required.