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Grade 1 Program - Module Overview

The Grade 1 Program consists of nine sequential modules. Each module follows the same basic structure - two or three sets, each set containing five sections of lessons.
Module 1: Hats, Mittens, and Shoes
This module is divided into three sets. In the first two sets, the emphasis is on hats in make-believe and real-life situations. There are things to make, games to play, and treats to cook as your child learns about the wide world of hats. Your child is also asked to identify your community's work paces, and to complete some simple research about a community worker. In Set 3, the focus is on mittens and shoes. Your child will have opportunities to learn new poems and songs, and to conduct experiments. In this module your child will review the letters of the alphabet and participate in many oral discussions.
Module 2: Once Upon A Time
Throughout this module your child will work on theme-related activities. These activities have been chosen, above all, for your child's enjoyment and to introduce some important skills. Your child will compare many versions of some favourite tales. As your child listens to these tales, he or she will find that all of the stories contain a set of basic elements. Most importantly, fairy tales kindle your child's imagination. We hope that the stories included in this module will plant in your child the seeds of curiosity and creativity.
Your child will also be introduced to a set of commonly used reading words. You should introduce these new reading words to your child in each section. It is important that you keep these activities short and make them an enjoyable experience.
Module 3: All Families Are Special!
This module, with its Social Studies focus will give your child an understanding of the: composition of his or her family unit
  • relationships with his or her family and friends
  • similarities and differences between families
  • roles and responsibilities of family members
  • rules within families and the community
  • needs of families
  • places where families live.
Your child will also be introduced to Word Families, and the brass and woodwind families of the orchestra.
Module 4: It's Rhyming Time!
In this module, your child will have the opportunity to read and appreciate good poetry, and then write his or her own poems. This module consists of only one set of work. In this set, your child is introduced to the following poetry styles, rhyming couplets, acrostic poems and Nursery Rhymes. Your child will share in the reading of these types of poems, and is asked to create his or her own poems. Finishing Off activities will focus on Shadows. In this module your child will be introduced to the Keyboarding program, Read, Write and Type!
Module 5: Whose Egg Is It?
This module consists of three sets of activities. These activities provide your child with the opportunity to learn and compare animals that are hatched from eggs as compared to animals that are born from a mother. Your child will also have many opportunities to explore, predict, follow directions, compare, and solve problems.
Module 6: It's Raining Cats and Dogs!
This module provides your child with an opportunity to enjoy stories about cats or dogs. Your child is asked to make the choice to focus on one of these animals. Small chapter books are provided for your child's use. If these books do not reflect your child's reading level, you can choose another book for your child to read. All of the activities relating to the novel will be completed in either the Cats of Dogs booklet. In Set 3, your child will be given the opportunity to choose one of these animals, either domestic or wild to research. If your child has access to a computer, he or she will be able to find the information to complete his or her research project. If your child does not have access to a computer, he or she will need to look for information in books from a local library or from other sources. Learning the use of the silent e to make to make long vowel words, contractions, and learning the rules for using the suffixes "ing" or "ed" in long vowel words are some of the Language Arts activities that will be introduced in this module.
Module 7: Novel Study - Bread and Jam for Frances
This is a delightful story that your child will enjoy. Your child is also asked to read Bedtime for Frances so that he or she can compare both stories. This module will also give your child the opportunity to discuss food, and to take part in many cooking activities.
Module 8: It's A Mystery
Everyone loves a mystery! This module consists of three sets of activities that will introduce your child to three famous detectives. Your child will read their stories and find out how they solved their cases. Your child will also be introduced to secret codes, and how to create them and read them. Activities to identify animals will also be included in this module.
Module 9: Who Says Bugs Are Scary?
This module consists of three sets. Throughout the module, your child will work on many uggy - activities and share project results with family members. Your child is also asked to complete a research project about a bug that interests him or her. Your child can use the computer to find information or borrow books from your local library to find information about his or her favourite bug. On the completion of this module we hope that your child will no longer think that bugs are scary!