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Welcome to the Vancouver Learning Network

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The Vancouver Learning Network School - Elementary Program (VLN-E) is one of the most established distributed learning schools in B.C.  We are a fully accredited public elementary school serving Kindergarten to Grade 7 students.  We also offer full programs for B.C. residents living up to two years elsewhere in Canada and world-wide.

Our tuition-free K-7 program offers:

            -print and online activities
            -individualized learning plans
            -regular and special education programs
            -fieldtrips and special events
            -the expertise of Vancouver teachers

Students and parents who are with the VLN-E enjoy the:

            -benefits of learning at home or abroad
            -self scheduling of the school day so students can participate in athletics 
             or the arts
            -ability to maintain their B.C. schooling while travelling or living abroad
            -opportunity to work with certified teachers to develop a program that meets 
              their student's learning needs

To find out more about our program call:  (604) 713-5520, email

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