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Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department provides students with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills set by learning additional languages. Van Tech offers courses in French, Spanish and Mandarin that focus primarily on language and cultural components. Note that it is possible for students to study more than one language at a time.
Our goals for students are two. Firstly, we want students to gain proficiency in the basic skills of (listening) comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, we want students to develop more awareness and a deeper understanding of the culture they are studying.
Students who already have some basic language skills in one of the offered languages and wish to pursue further studies in that language will be require to write a Placement Test, so they can be enrolled in the appropriate course level. In-school Placement Testing usually occurs in the Spring, so that students can make an accurate choice of language level for their course selection for the next school year. Please contact the Modern Languages Department for more information.