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Welcome to the English and ELL Department of Vancouver Technical School.

We are a large department covering every aspect of English from entry level ELL to Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition 12. We are very proud of the diverse course selections and extracurricular activities and events we offer every year.

Highlights of our department include our school wide Literacy Week celebration of reading and writing, our Poetry Cafe, our many professional guest presenters such as Bard in the Classroom and Wordplay Slam Poets, our work with the UBC creative writing journal New Shoots, our participation in the national Poetry In-Voice program, as well as our annual speech contest.

Furthermore, we have scored well above the provincial and district average on the English 10, Communications 12English 12, and AP English 12 exams for the past several years.

Please feel free to contact us through the school switchboard with any questions. The department head for English is Ms. Denise Clark, and may be reached at


The English/ELL Department (in alphabetical order):

Ms. K. Beaucock (Summit English 8,9,& 10, English 10, English 12)

Ms. J. Bighorn (English 9, English 10, English 10 Adapted, English 11)

Ms. D. Clark (English 9, English 12, Advanced Placement Literature and Composition 12)

Mr. G. Derreth (English 10, English Enriched 10, Flex 10, English 11, Writing 12)

Mrs. J. Lee (ELL Social Studies, ELL 3, Transitional ELL)

Mrs. D. Leung (English 9, Communications 11)

Mr. D. Martelli (Flex Program Humanities 8,9 &10)

Ms. J. Mendgen (English 9, English 10 Adapted, English 11)

Mrs. J. Mowatt (ELL Writing Level 1/2, 3, Transitional ELL)

Mr. J. Mueller (English 8, English 9 Enriched, English 11, English 12)

Mrs. N. Paris (English 8, Enriched English 11, English 12)

Mrs. C. Sakakibara (English 8, Communications 12, Psychology 11/12)

Ms. M. van Camp (English 8, English 9)

Mrs. C. Vranakis (English 8, English 10)

Mrs. X. Wu (ELL Reading 1/2, 3)


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