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Aboriginal Enhancement Team

Welcome to the Aboriginal Enhancement Team (AET) site! Our goal is to provide enhanced support for Aboriginal students to help ensure success in their academics, expand on the appreciation of and knowledge of Aboriginal culture and provide a safe and nurturing environment.
We will provide direct academic and organizational support to Aboriginal students in the following ways:
- within classes
- on a modified pull-out basis
- at lunch time and after school
We are able to provide this support for every period on both Day 1 and Day 2 classes. Students will maintain their regular schedule but will benefit from additional support, both in their classroom and in the Aboriginal Education Room (room 311). We will have ongoing communication with teachers, support staff, administration and home in order to determine how to best meet the needs of students. This can include helping a student with binder organization, working one-on-one to ensure that a student understands and completes assignments, providing students with extra material/practice opportunities to fine-tune skills, working in small groups on projects, and collaborating with teachers and students to clarify expectations/due dates. Counselling issues can be directed towards Robin Roberts and the appropriate grade counsellors.

Shawna Tait is an Aboriginal Education Enhancement Worker and he is available throughout the day.
We look forward to connecting with Aboriginal students at VanTech and helping them to achieve their potential in each area of study. We welcome students to drop in at any time to request support.
We encourage a team effort between home and school to support our students. Please contact us at 604-713-8215 local 7318 if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions as to how we can better support your child.
Keep posted as we'll update with pictures and samples of student work which showcase their talents!
The Aboriginal Enhancement Team