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Student Clubs

  • Bicycle Club. Sponsor: Mr. Halim
  • Free the Children. Sponsor: Mr. van Iersel
  • Games. Sponsor: Ms. McKeen
  • Golf. Sponsor: Mr. Stuart
  • Grad Committee. Sponsor: Ms. Clark, Ms. Bighorn, Ms. Thompson
  • Japan Club. Sponsor: Mr. Louie
  • Key Club. Sponsor: Mr. Goodman
  • Library Club. Sponsors: Mrs. Renzullo-Cuzzetto & Ms. Milne
  • Me 2 We.  Sponsor:  Mr. van Iersel
  • Model United Nations. Sponsor: Mr. Martelli
  • Mountain Biking Club.  Sponsor: Mr. Kerklaan
  • Newspaper.  Sponsor: Ms. Paris
  • Ski Club. Sponsor:  Mr. Pequeno
  • Student Council. Sponsor: Mr. Moon
  • Table Tennis.  Sponsor:  Mr. Willan
  • TLC Club. Sponsor: Ms. E. Wong. The T.L.C. (Tech Leadership Card) program was started by Student Council to acknowledge students who show leadership in the many facets of school life. Those who are selected are the average students who do good deeds but are not formally rewarded or acknowledged. The Van Tech Student Council select leadership as the quality that is admired, but frequently not acknowledged formally in many of our students. This program is supported financially by the Van Tech administration. Three cards are drawn monthly and prizes are awarded to deserving students.