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Programs and Services

Flex Humanities
Flex Humanities is a Philosophy and Classics program that integrates History, and Fine Arts  from grades 8 – 10. There are plenty of field trips during the course of the three years. Every year we begin with a community building outdoor camp. The Flex Humanities students attend plays, films, and music productions and Fort Langley is a major history field study in grade 9. In grade 10, the students will participate in a major culminative field study; in past years, this trip as involved Quebec City/Montreal or New York/Philadephia.

The program provides a supportive, stimulating and challenging environment for self-motivated learners. Students are encouraged to develop their intellect by emphasizing critical thinking skills, analytical writing, cooperative learning, and open format projects. The program has been designed to meet the needs of above average ability students in Grades 8, 9 and 10, who are interested in working with other self-motivated students and developing their special skills and interests. and enjoy working in groups and becoming involved in a wide variety of school activities.
 French Immersion
Vancouver Technical is one of three French Immersion Secondary Schools in Vancouver. Our program focuses on authentic language learning, community building and the development of a well-rounded, functionally bilingual student.
Our program offers many opportunities to connect with the francophone community through classroom visits, field trips, and cultural events and exchanges, two of which are the grade 8 outdoor educational trip to Strathcona Provincial Park and our grade 11 cultural and linguistic France Exchange with a French high school billet.

The secondary component of the French Immersion Program at Vancouver Technical Secondary provides students from both late and early French Immersion the opportunity to continue their studies in French and to continue the development of higher level thinking and verbal skills in their second language. French Immersion is an enrichment program that requires drive, determination and passion. Grade 8-10 students benefit from 50% of courses taught in French in order to maintain important contact with the French language. Immersion students are free to pursue specialized courses in grades 11 and 12 to meet post-secondary requirements as the amount of classes in French is reduced. Français 12 permits the Immersion students to maintain their French proficiency in their final year of school.  Successful graduates of the full program at the end of grade 12 receive a Bilingual Graduation Certificate in addition to the provincial "Dogwood" certificate


Vancouver Technical Secondary feeder schools – French Immersion 
  • Laura Secord
  • Hastings
  • Lord Selkirk
  • Lord Strathcona


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