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Parent Advisory Council

PAC Meeting Dates 2018-2019:   (Meetings begin at 7pm in the Library)

  • Sep 25
  • Oct 30
  • Nov 27
  • Jan 29
  • Feb 26
  • Apr 30
  • May 28


PAC Email:


DPAC is hositng 2 presentations in January:

·         Thursday, Jan 24, 7-9pm – DPAC General Meeting: Cannabis Legalization & Schools Rm 180, Vancouver Education Centre 1580 W. Broadway
·         Thursday, Jan 31, 7-9pm – DPAC hosting 2nd presentation of VCH Child and Youth Mental Health Service's workshop - Anxiety in Children and Youth. Rm 180, Vancouver Education Centre 1580 W. Broadway.




Vaping 101 for Parents SACY.pdfVaping 101 for Parents SACY.pdf

SACY Caregiver referrals Sept 2018.pdfSACY Caregiver referrals Sept 2018.pdf

Websites for families 2018.pdfWebsites for families 2018.pdf

Family Welcome 2018.pdfFamily Welcome 2018.pdf

50 Ways to Show Young People you care.pdf50 Ways to Show Young People you care.pdf

Graduation Years - Changes to Implementation Schedule.pdfGraduation Years - Changes to Implementation Schedule.pdf




Principal's Report:

 Principal's Report - January 2019.pdfPrincipal's Report - January 2019.pdf

Principal's Report - November 2018.pdfPrincipal's Report - November 2018.pdf

Principal's Report - October 2018.pdfPrincipal's Report - October 2018.pdf

Principal's Report - September 2018.pdfPrincipal's Report - September 2018.pdf

Principal's Report - May 2018.pdfPrincipal's Report - May 2018.pdf

Principal's Report - April 2018.pdfPrincipal's Report - April 2018.pdf

Principal's Report - February 2018.pdfPrincipal's Report - February 2018.pdf

Principal's Report - January 2018.pdfPrincipal's Report - January 2018.pdf

PAC Principal's Report - Nov 2017.pdfPAC Principal's Report - Nov 2017.pdf

PAC Principal's Report - October 2017.pdfPAC Principal's Report - October 2017.pdf




Financial Statement:

Treasurer's report January 2019.pdfTreasurer's report January 2019.pdf

Van Tech Gaming report 2017-2018.pdfVan Tech Gaming report 2017-2018.pdf

Treasurer's report April 2018 updated.pdfTreasurer's report April 2018 updated.pdf 

VanTech Treasurer's report Nov 2017.pdfVanTech Treasurer's report Nov 2017.pdf

VT PAC Financial Stmt 2015-16.pdfVT PAC Financial Stmt 2015-16.pdf

PAC financial statement 2014-15.pdfPAC financial statement 2014-15.pdf


PAC Meeting Agendas:

PAC Agenda May 28 2018.pdfPAC Agenda May 28 2018.pdf

AGENDA Monday April 30 2018.pdfAGENDA Monday April 30 2018.pdf

VT PAC Meeting Agenda - Feb 26.pdfVT PAC Meeting Agenda - Feb 26.pdf

AGENDA Jan 22 2018.pdfAGENDA Jan 22 2018.pdf

PAC AGENDA November 27 2017.pdfPAC AGENDA November 27 2017.pdf

PAC Meeting AGENDA October 30 2017.pdfPAC Meeting AGENDA October 30 2017.pdf

AGENDA Sept 25 2017.pdfAGENDA Sept 25 2017.pdf



Minutes to past meetings:

 VanTech minutes Jan 2019.pdfVanTech minutes Jan 2019.pdf

VanTech minutes Nov 2018.pdfVanTech minutes Nov 2018.pdf

VanTech minutes Oct 2018.pdfVanTech minutes Oct 2018.pdf

VanTech PAC minutes Sept 2018.pdfVanTech PAC minutes Sept 2018.pdf

VanTech minutes May 2018.pdfVanTech minutes May 2018.pdf

PAC Allocations 2018-2019 May 2018 (1).pdfPAC Allocations 2018-2019 May 2018 (1).pdf

VanTech minutes April 2018.pdfVanTech minutes April 2018.pdf

VanTech minutes Feb 2018.pdfVanTech minutes Feb 2018.pdf

VanTech PAC Minutes Jan 2018.pdfVanTech PAC Minutes Jan 2018.pdf

VanTech PAC minutes Nov 27 2017.pdfVanTech PAC minutes Nov 27 2017.pdf

PAC minutes Oct 30 2017.pdfPAC minutes Oct 30 2017.pdf