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    SAFETY PATROL: Responsible Grade 6 and 7 students have shown interest in becoming

    this year's Safety Patrol members.  They have been trained in established standard

    procedures by member so the Vancouver Police Traffic Authority to be safe and

    responsible patrollers.  These procedures protect the patrol members and make it

    possible for motorists to know what to expect.  The School Safety Patrol will be

    supervised by the School Patrol  Sponsor who is a member of the school staff.


    Patrol members will be on duty before school start and after school dismissal to assist

    students with safe crossing practices at intersections or crossings adjacent to school

    in different kinds of weather.


    Grade 6 and 7 students that signed up for Safety Patrol, a reminder to please hand in

    your signed consent forms to the office.  Schedule will start the week of September 24th. 

    The monthly calendar will be posted outside the main office.  2 students at a time for

    one week.  Students should arrive at school by 8:45am to get ready for morning safety

    patrol, and then back to the office by 2:50pm to get ready for the afterschool safety



    OFFICE MONTIORS: Schedule will be posted oustide the main office and will start October 1st.

    There will be a brief meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 26th in the office at Lunch!


    VOLLEYBALL: Students in Grades 5-7 who signed up for Volleyball.  Stay tuned for more 

    information to come soon from your coaches.  The coaches will be making announcements on

    when practices will start.


    LIBRARY MONITORS: Please see Ms. Judy in the Library for the schedule