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Emergency Preparedness

Remember, you and your family need to be prepared to be self sufficient for a minimum of 72 hours after an earthquake. Here are some Emergency Personal Preparedness documents intended to assist you and your family to prepare for an earthquake or similar disaster

10 Step Family Emergency Plan

Emergency Supply List

Emergency Preparedness for you Pets

(Note: there are many similar documents available online.)

It is recommended that you collect the listed Emergency Supplies from around your home. For example, take an old gym bag or back pack and collect up the items on the list, such as: an old pair of sturdy shoes, rolls of toilet paper, a spare can opener, etc.

Remember that you need shoes, clothing and supplies for each member of your family.  As another option, emergency kits are available for purchase from a number of retailers.

Family Emergency Plan:

Go to to watch a video and learn how to make a family emergency plan