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The criteria for all grades are:

•      the only courses counted for academic awards are those courses in which the student is enrolled at University Hill

•      minimum 60% in all courses

•      English must count in the calculated average

•      The courses; Community Service 11, Career Preparation and Work Experience are not included in the average but are included in the course count.

•      an “N” in a course automatically eliminates the student from the Honour Roll 

The criteria specific for Grades 8-11

•      must take 8 courses at UHill (exceptions decided by the Principal); the best 7 of these 8 courses is used to calculate the average


The criteria specific for Grade 12

•      Must take 7 courses at UHill (exceptions decided by the Principal); the best 6 of these 7 courses is used to calculate the average

•      Grad Transitions does not count as a course and is not included in the average


For Final Report (upon completion of all three terms) an 86.0% - 100% average is required for Honour Roll; an average of 90% - 100% is required for Principal’s List


A.    Term Awards

A term award will be awarded to one student per grade in each of the following 3 categories in each of the three terms. These students are chosen by staff based on the criteria indicated below.


1.      Student of the Term Award

·         a student who has good relationships with peers and staff

·         a student who makes the class a better place to learn

·         a student who is supportive of the learning environment and who helps others when appropriate

·         a socially responsible student who values education and is a role model to other students in the class

·         a student with integrity who always tries his/her best and demonstrates a sincere and honest approach to learning

·         not necessarily the student with the best marks


2.      Citizenship Award

·         a model “citizen” of UHill

·         a friendly student with a positive attitude towards learning

·         a responsible student with humble and generous character

·         a caring leader and role model who demonstrates moral and ethical behaviour

·         a helpful student who is involved in and contributes to the school community


3.      UHill Renaissance Award

·         a student who demonstrates exemplary capacity across all aspects of school life

·         a student who carries a diverse and rigorous course load

·         a student who is wide-reaching in their involvement in a multitude and variety of school events, clubs and activities

·         a helpful student who contributes to the school community and has a positive impact on school culture

Top students in each of the aforementioned categories are recognized in each grade at school assemblies at the end of each term.


B.    Year End Awards


1.      Academic Awards

The top students in each grade receive Certificates of Academic Merit at the School Award Ceremony in September or Graduation Ceremony in June, depending on the grade. These students must have received a minimum of 60% in all courses and have a 90% average or higher in all courses.


In order for graduating students to qualify for year-end academic awards, graduating students must have been attending University Hill for Grades 11 and 12, and have taken and/or be enrolled in at least seven grade 12 courses. The average of the best six Grade 12 marks (for Terms 1 & 2 in current year) including English 12 will be used for the calculation for the academic award. Exceptions will be made for students enrolled in concurrent studies.


2.      Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to the top graduating students in June. These awards are provided through donations from school fundraising, community service clubs, the U-Hill Support Society, the PAC, education associations, and local businesses and professional associations.

C.     Athletic Awards & Service Awards

Top students in each grade are recognized at school assemblies at the end of each term and graduating students are recognized at the Graduation Ceremony in June.


Athletic awards are given for participation in the intramural and the extracurricular athletic programs. Students are selected for athletic awards by the Awards Committee on the recommendation of staff, coaches and sponsors.


Certificates and Medals for Service are presented to students involved in activities which provide a service to the school and fellow students with no course credit attached. Students are selected for service awards by the Awards Committee on the recommendation of staff members.