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The purpose of this Course Calendar is to provide students and their parents with information regarding the courses and services available at University Hill Secondary School.  The descriptions are general in nature and are not intended to outline the complete content of each course, program, or service.  Due to certain constraints, a few of the courses described here may not be offered every year.  The Coun­sellors assist students in selecting program majors and courses which meet the graduation requirements of the Ministry of Education, as well as satisfy individual goals and interests.
Staff, students, and parents share a responsibility to ensure that a suitable program is undertaken; however, subject to the school program requirements, final approval rests with parents.  Please note that graduation requirements are NOT the same as university entrance requirements.  Universities and other post-secondary institutions have differing entrance requirements.  Students are responsible for knowing the requirements of the post-secondary school of their choice. The Counselling Centre has information about post-secondary institutions.  Students should con­sult with their Counsellor and Career Information Assistant.   Most of the post-secondary information is available on-line.
Students will make their course selections in January 2015 for September 2015.  It is important that the course selections are made carefully because course changes will not be allowed after October 15, 2014 unless there are medical reasons verified with a doctor’s note why the course must be dropped.  
*Discuss the options with your son/daughter and encourage him/her to explore a full range of post­-secondary options. Begin gathering information in grades 9 and 10.  Attend course planning nights at the school.
*Estimate financial costs and review all available financial options, including student loans, bursaries, grants, scholarships, and student earnings from  part-time and summer jobs.
*Call your son/daughter's Counsellor and the Career Information Assistant if you have questions about post -secondary education options and check the UHill website for career information: (
*Attend the parent walkabout in September and the parent-teacher night in December.
*Note that student course selection choices must be signed off by a parent

*Develop good study habits; remember you are competing only with yourself to meet your goals.
*Read the career bulletin for volunteer opportunities and post-secondary information and check your email regularly (make sure the Career Information Assistant has your email address!).
*Research the career fields you are interested in by looking up the admission requirements of post-secondary institutions and attending post-secondary information sessions at the school and district career fairs.
*Talk with your Counsellor and the Career Information Assistant about volunteer work.
*Talk to the Career Information Assistant at the school if you are considering applying to an American University.
*If you are writing the PSAT exam, do so in October of Grade 10 and the SAT exams in the spring of Grade 11 -- Do not write all of your SAT exams in the fall of Grade 12  as the maximum number of times to attempt SAT12 should be no more than three.  Note that UHill does not offer PSAT and SAT exams and you must make your own arrangements. 
*As most Provincial Exams have been eliminated, please check with your counsellor or Ms. Lee regarding specific requirements for the post-secondary institutions you are interested in applying to.  
*At University Hill Secondary we will be offering the following senior academic courses:
*Biology 12 Chemistry 12 Physics 12 English 12 English Literature 12 French 12 Spanish 12 Geography 12 History 12 Law 12 Comparative Civilizations 12 Mathematics 12 Calculus 12 (subject to sufficient student sign up).
*This year we will be offering a selection of Advanced Placement (AP) courses (subject to sufficient student sign up) .