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Dear Parents,

Your child’s Report Cards will now be available online on a Student/Family Portal. This is a new process we are piloting this term. The hope is that all Report cards from Term 2 onwards will be available online. 
The Term 2 Report Card will be available for viewing from March 9th to June 1st. Please download the report card when published if you would like to save a copy.
At this time, we ask that your child log into the Family Portal in order to activate the account and to change the generic password and primary mail. Please see the PDF link attached for instructions on how to log in and navigate the Family Portal.
Please ask your child to share this information with you so that you, as a parent will also have access to your child’s report card.  The URL for the MyEducation BC website is: The Login ID is your child’s student number.
We hope that by accessing the Report Card online, your child’s attendance data and formal reporting information will be more accessible.
Additional support for students will be available at 3pm in Lab 1B2 on Tuesday March 7th and Wednesday March 8th, 2017.  Any students who may need support after these two dates can email Ms. Desai with their concern.
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