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Mission Statement

Mission Statement & Goal Summary

"We are on a mission to inspire an ethical and caring community of evolving global citizens who live meaningfully, creatively, and mindfully."
University Hill, a multicultural school community, is committed to the pursuit of excellence through the provision of teaching and learning environments based on co-operation and social responsibility. University Hill staff, students, and Parents/Guardians are guided in their efforts to fulfil the school mission by the following goals and principles:
·           Well-qualified and dedicated staff is crucial to the efficient delivery of outstanding educational programs.
·           Quality learning is fostered in safe, respectful, encouraging, and creative settings.
·           The school curriculum, programs, and activities are student centered for active learning.
·           Teachers, Parents/Guardians, and students co‑operate in important ways to ensure effective  communication in the process of achieving academic and social goals.
·           Recognition is given for the achievements of students and staff, and positive reinforcement for self‑reliant and co‑operative behaviour.
·          The school community and culture are characterized by concern for equity, fairness, school spirit, environmental awareness, and global issues.