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School Garden

University Hill is so lucky to have a school garden! Be careful around the garden beds and watch carefully in the planter boxes for something yummy growing! Follow updates on the school garden blog.

New Families to University Hill Elementary

UHILL for Newcomers         Updated Sept 29, 2017

Being part of UBC, University Hill Elementary School has many kids from all over the world. Maybe some of the families are new to Canada and do not know how the school system works. We have decided to compose this list of useful information about the school routine and we hope you will find it useful.


·         Provide a set of spare clothes in a bag to remain at school.

·         Provide indoor shoes to remain at school; shoes should be suitable for gym (no black soles)

·         Rain gear (jacket and pants) is recommended throughout the year for recess and lunch. The kids go out in all weather conditions except very extreme cases.

·         Bring boots when needed.

·         Bring  hats and gloves in winter.

·         Lost and Found is located near the front doors of the school. Please check it regularly.


·         Open communication is encouraged at the school. Please talk to your teacher about any concerns you have. Carrie Froese, the principal is always available to chat in addition to your teacher.

·         Corinna is the wonderful front desk attendant. You can ask her anything! She sends frequent emails to parents with information and updates (please contact her if you don’t get them).

·         Check the notice board on the wall beside Corinna’s desk for any notices that you have missed.

·         Check with your teacher for their preferred method of communication – some use a weekly planner, some prefer email.


·         The school principal, Carrie Froese, has a School News blog:

·         The school website has a detailed online calendar: Check the calendar for Pro-D days. 

·         The PAC plays a large role in the school. Parents are encouraged to participate. PAC Meetings are held once a month – a great way to keep informed on what is happening at the school.

Special Events:

·         Pro-D days: every month there is a Pro-D day. On these days the teachers work but the kids do not attend school. Usually, after-school programs take the kids for the entire day (those who are registered to one).

·         Halloween: many children choose to dress up for Halloween.

·         Valentine’s Day: if your child wishes to bring a valentines card/treat, it is customary to bring one for all of the kids in their class, not just a select few.


·         Bring a healthy snack and water bottle every day.

·         Daily hot lunch is available to pre-order monthly. You must pay for the entire month if you would like you child to have hot lunches.  Special diets CANNOT be accommodated. Children who have not signed up for hot lunch should bring their own lunch from home.

·         No food is available to be purchased at school except on special occasions, of which you will be notified.

·         The school is NOT a nut free school … just nut aware. We are a nut-aware school, with restrictions on a class-by-class basis.  Some classes will have other food allergies that should be considered.


·         Children are encouraged to walk or bike to school. There is a biking group that ride together every day from Acadia Park if anyone would like to join it.

·         The library is open in the mornings, kids can stay there if they arrive early. The school asks parents to stay with the kids until a teacher comes to supervise at 8:45am.

·         Pickup is at 3pm, please note that there are not many parking spaces available at school. If you come by car, please come early or wait until a spot clears. Please do not double park.


·         Parents are encouraged to volunteer to help at the school as often as possible. Opportunities to volunteer include:

·         PAC positions – please contact the PAC

·         Classroom assistance – please contact your teacher

·         Field Trips – please contact your teacher