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Student Clubs

​The following after school activities are sponsored by University Hill Elementary teachers.  In some cases parents are involved in co-sponsoring these activities.  Registration and supervision of these activities are the responsibility of school staff.  Once we have met as a staff, we will have a better understanding of the offerings for the 2018-2019 school year.

Through weekly hands-on exploration sessions, guided by an inquiry-based learning model and facilitated by local content experts, students will explore various aspects of our local ecosystems. The primary purpose of the club is to engage students and help them develop an early love – or at the very least, a respect — for nature, science, and the environment.

Wednesdays 3-5pm

Two separate units: 6-8 weeks in the fall, 6-8 weeks in the spring

$50 / unit

Jen McCutcheon ( or 604-704-2567)

Additional Information:
Children in grades 1-5 can apply to join (max 20 kids per unit). Kindergarteners can also apply if a parent will accompany them​​​​.