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Division Five 2017 2018

​Division Five
Teachers: Ms. Ismail and Ms. Brown

November 13 News:
Dear parents of Div. 5,
Ms. Brown would like all students to bring in a paint smock and any extra newspapers by this Thursday Nov 16th please. An old large shirt that covers their top/sweaters is ideal, no need to purchase anything.
Ms. I wants to remind everyone to please make sure your child either wears running shoes or has a pair of running shoes at school for our daily physical activity. 
PAC Meeting Thursday, Nov 16. A friendly reminder that Linda O'Reilly will be doing a presentation about the new curriculum. Staff had an informative and full day of learning on professional day. We encourage all parents to attend this informative session to learn more about the curricular competencies, the core competencies and the home/school connection. 
Cultural Studies. Ms. Brown discussed Remembrance Day with her class last week, and went into detail about the poem, "In Flanders Fields." We also discussed how Indigenous peoples participated in different wars. Students then had a choice to design their own medal or trophy for a Indigenous war veteran, or colour a Thunderbird poppy. Some students even wore their customized poppy to assembly that day.
Ms. I continues to work with the Timeline of Life on Earth. We’ve just finished learning about the Paleozoic Era and the “explosion of life in the seas that led to the first sea stars, sand dollars, plants,  fish, insects, amphibious creatures and the first big reptiles.”
Next Era...the Mesozoic Era and the age of the dinosaurs.
Math. We are continuing to look at different aspects of graphing, including pictographs and bar graphs. Last week, we did a survey of our own class about "What is your Favourite Animal?" then tallied it, and represented it on a bar graph. Next week I plan to have the students develop one good (unbiased) survey question that interests them, and begin to run their own mini-survey in the class. Then they will summarize their data through a tally, and develop their own visual graph.
Ms. I continues to build on prior knowledge of operations (adding, subtracting, multiplication and division) using Montessori Materials and has introduced geometry. The children are learning the names and characteristics of 2D shapes and polygons. Next stop...3 D solids. 

Indigenous Studies. Ms. Brown is continuing to read indigenous stories to the class that are written about where we live, by local authors. We are starting to make connections between the key themes in these books, and the First Peoples Principles of Learning (as per the new curriculum).  We are exploring the meaningful parts of these stories through drama, self-reflections, and drawings.
Ms. I is also reading stories that connect to the creation of the earth. 

Language Arts
We are continuing work on building our fluency and reading skills, word study, reading and spelling sight words and starting some work in grammar using the Montessori grammar boxes. 
We are building on our writing skills by writing reflections  and journal writing. 

Thank you and have a great week,
Ms. Brown and Ms.​ I ​