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Registration Information

Tyee Elementary is a public Montessori alternative school. We welcome students from anywhere in the Vancouver area. 

ALL children must register for kindergarten at their neighbourhood/catchment school – even if you do not intend to attend there. This includes students who want to go to a Montessori Program or any other Choice Program – including siblings of children already in the program. You must apply to your catchment school between November 1 and January 31. If the school in your neighbourhood does not have space for all the children in the catchment, there will be a lottery. 

Application for all programs of choice – including French Immersion, Montessori, Mandarin Bilingual, Aboriginal Focus School, and Fine Arts – will begin online in January. You will need a Personal Education Number (PEN) to apply and this will only be sent to you if you register at your catchment school. Application forms will NOT be available at individual schools.

Students born outside of Canada must first register at the District Reception and Placement Centre before applying at any school. More specific information is available on the DRPC page (left-hand column) of the Vancouver Board of Education website (


Grades One through Seven

Admission to Grades 1 through 7

All students who live in Vancouver are eligible to attend Tyee's Montessori Alternative program. Each grade level has a waitlist, and new applications will be entered at the end of this list in the order that they are received. Because of the multi-year learning cycle of the Montessori curriculum, natural entry points for children without previous Montessori experience are at Kindergarten and Grade 4. (Applications are accepted for the waitlist of any grade level. However, those with prior Montessori experience will be given priority in Grades 1 through 3 and 5 through 7).

How do I apply for the waitlists?

Application forms are available at the Tyee Elementary School office every week day from 8:30 am - 3:00 pm. Please bring the child's original birth certificate and a piece of identification that confirms your residence in Vancouver (recent property tax statement, formal rental or lease agreement, or Confirmation of Residency form available at the District Reception and Placement Centre). Copies will be made at the office and originals returned.

When can I drop by to visit the school?

Visitor Days are generally scheduled once a month from November to January. Please check our website for specific dates, under “School Calendar". Sessions begin at 9:15 am and include an overview of our school and a tour of the premises. The Principal conducts the session and is available for any queries. To limit disruption to the students, Visitor Days are for adults only. ​

When will I know if my child can attend Tyee?

In June, after the current students have been tentatively placed in classes and available spaces are known, waitlist applicants will be phoned and offered enrolment for the coming year.

PLEASE NOTE (for Kindergarten through Grade 7): If a placement becomes available and is offered, the parents/guardians will have 48 hours to accept or decline, with some extensions (at the discretion of the Principal). If the offer is declined, the application will become void and the child's name will be removed from the waitlist.

What if my child is not accepted in the year I apply?

All waitlisted names are automatically rolled over into the next year's waitlist. Please contact the office (604-713-4723) each year to confirm continued interest in remaining on the waitlist. It is especially important to call if contact information has changed and/or the child has gained Montessori experience since the initial application. 

Waitlist numbers are only given out following the initial kindergarten lottery draw.

Before applying, we strongly recommend that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the uniqueness of Maria Montessori's philosophy and approach to education. This will help determine if our school is the most suitable setting in which your child can thrive and reach his/her potential. In order to realize a successful Montessori Program, active parental involvement is encouraged; both at home and at school. Thank you.​

For general information on student registration procedures and dates, please visit VSB Website: District Registration Information.
For information specific to kindergarten registration procedures​ and dates, Please visit