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Home Economics

The Applied Skills Department includes Business Education, Home Economics, Information & Communications Technology, and Technology Education.
These elective courses compliment a well-rounded education, providing students with high
interest options to meet Graduation Requirements and to gain trades training for post-secondary entry.
Click Course Planning Book 2015-2016.pdf for course descriptions.
Applied Skills
Ms. S. Ma | Department Head
Business Education
Ms. F. Lau​
Mr. J. McAlpine
Home Economics
Ms. M. Cheng
Ms. I. Kim
Ms. S. Ma
Ms. P. Regan (Cafeteria and ACE IT Cook)*
Information & Communications Technology
Mr. S. Coderre
Mr. M. Williams
Technology Education
Mr. R. Evans (Tupper Tech)*
Mr. D. Gore
Mr. P. Orlandi