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Ms. J. Braun | Department Head
Ms. A. Binder
Mr. M. Cavaletto
Mr. G. Demers
Ms. M. Dolan
Mr. F. Ghahremani
Mr. S. Hsu
Mr. L. Iameo
Ms. I. Kim

English classes are offered to all students from grade eight to twelve. Students must take English courses from eight to twelve in order to graduate. Students who are planning to attend universities must also have English twelve. Although most grade twelve provincial exams have been eliminated, English 12 is the one provincial exam each student must write. For students who are in grade 12, there are additional English courses available such as English Literature 12. Throughout grade 8 – 12, students will learn about poetry, writing, and reading skills.

For international or second language students, Tupper offers ELC, transitional, and also ESL classes. In addition to Transitional English, students will be placed in Transition Social Studies as well. Please see your counselors or English teacher for more information regarding your course inquiries.