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Applied Skills

The Applied Skills Department includes Business Education, Home Economics, Information & Communications Technology, and Technology Education.
These elective courses compliment a well-rounded education, providing students with high
interest options to meet Graduation Requirements and  to gain trades training for post-secondary entry.
Click Course Planning Book 2015-2016.pdf for course descriptions.
Applied Skills
Ms. S. Ma | Department Head
Business Education
 Mr. McAlpine  (Ms. F. Lau on mat leave)
Home Economics
Ms. I. Kim
Ms. S. Ma
Ms. M. Cheng
Ms. P. Regan (Cafeteria and ACE IT Cook)*
Mr. Baird
Information & Communications Technology
Mr. S. Coderre
Mr. M. Williams
Technology Education
Mr. R. Evans (Tupper Tech)*
Mr. P. Orlandi