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Grad Transitions

Most of you have successfully completed Graduation Transitions.  Congratulations!  

On your report card, you will see a comment indicating whether you have Met The Requirements or if you are still In Progress.  If you are In Progress, make an appointment with Mr. Akrap after spring break to discuss what more you need to do.  
There are no marks or percentages on your report card for Graduation Transitions.

Mr. Akrap​

Please visit the Tupper Grad Transitions homepage for up-to-date links and information.
Grad Transitions is a required 4-credit course for students currently in the 2016-2017 graduation year.  Grade 12 students who plan to graduate with a Dogwood certificate must complete all of the requirements in order to get the 4 credits.***
If you have any questions about Grad Transitions, please feel free to contact Mr. Akrap at ​or simply go see him in the office.


DPA form - gr. 12.docxDPA form - gr. 12.docx   (download and print this file if you are in grade 12 to log your DPA hours)

TUPPER DPA - generic.docxTUPPER DPA - generic.docx (download and print  this file if you are in grade 11 to log your DPA hours)


proof-of-work-experience-form.docxproof-of-work-experience-form.docx   (download and print this to show proof of volunteer and/or work experience)

*** Grad Transitions will not be available next year for the grade 11 students entering their final year.  There will be a new process in place but we are unclear on how it will manifest itself at this time.  It is our advice that grade 11 students continue to log DPA and volunter/ work experience as this information may be necessary as part of the graduation requirements next year.