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Classroom Sites

This webpage is a place for the school’s classroom teachers to post links to their classroom websites and learning resources. If you would like to learn more about what’s happening in your child’s classroom, click on the teacher links below:
Mr. Baird (Library)

 Ms. Birsan:
Ms. Braun:
Mr. Coderre:
Mr. Iameo:
Mr. Iameo:
Classroom (including DJ and Sound Production)
Mr. Iameo (Grad Information)
Mr. Florio:
Ms Lau:
Ms Lau (Math):
Mr. Lee:
Ms. Ma:                   
Science Department:
Science Department:
Science Department:
Mr. Matt Williams: 

Ms. Alana Rentz:     
Resource Teacher/Special Needs  
Resources for Exceptional Learners and their families