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TYPS is a Vancouver district Alternative Program offering a self-paced learning program as well as special services for teenage mothers (or fathers) wishing to continue their high school education. Emma’s YWCA Day Care (on Tupper site) looks after the babies while students attend school. Students may be enrolled in regular grade classes or follow District or locally-directed classes. There is a full-time and part-time teacher who collaborate to develop a full or part-time learning plan for each student. A young parent’s room is staffed by a Youth and Family Worker who provides personal and academic support, problem-solving, advocacy, and access to outside resources.
Placement: To be eligible, the student must have the child living with them, be under 19 years of age and live in Vancouver. The student is self-referred or referred via a worker, a counsellor, or other advocate to Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School.
For more information, contact Ms. N. Elbardouh by calling the school at (604) 713-8233. There is also more information provided by the Vancouver School Board at