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    Technology Among Youth and Adults Workshop

    Apr 6, 2018

    Dear parent/guardian,


    You are invited to join us to review the use of internet and technology among youth (and adults), explore the idea of cyber-addiction, and the role that parents play in modeling balanced lifestyles. We’ll consider:


    • What's going on with internet use? What is healthy?

    • How to guide our children in digital life?

    • What are the effective ways to communicate with teens?


    For workshop details, please view the attached or click on the VSB web


    Kindly email or text to 778-227-5452 (Elisabeth Chan) providing your full name and phone number should you decide to attend. Thank you.






    现在的互网络的使用是怎样? 什么是健康的使用?




    地址:Kerrisdale 社区中心 - 5851 West Boulevard, Vancouver 设有免费停车位)


    Speaker/讲员: Alexandra Wilson, M.Ed.                                                                                  日期/时间:2018417日上午9:30-11:30

    VSB District SACY Parent & Family Engagement Stream Lead                                               Date & Time: Tue 2018-Apr-17 at 9:30am-11:30am


     讲座提供中文传译,有关讲座详细信息, 请查看附件或点击教育局网站  

     VSB SWIS MCLW SACY wksh 20180417.docxVSB SWIS MCLW SACY wksh 20180417.docx如果你决定出席,请电邮或文字短讯给778-227-5452(伊莉莎白.陈)提供您的全名和电话号码做,谢谢.​