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School Meal Program

What is the School Lunch Program?

The School Lunch Program is a meal program which provides nutritious and affordable lunches to our students. All students in the school are welcome to participate in the lunch program.
What is on the Menu?
The monthly menus are based on Canada’s Food Guide and are designed to provide one third of the daily nutritional requirement for children.
The meals include a variety of food choices which model healthy eating and teach children to develop a taste and acceptance for all foods. Fresh products including salads, vegetables and fruits are an important part of the menu.
The provincial government requires that food served in schools follows established guidelines for healthy eating.
Food items are evaluated on specific criteria for nutritional content and fall into the categories:
Choose Most √√
Choose Sometimes 
The VSB Lunch Program has an eight week cycle menu which means that every eight weeks the menu repeats. Our menu is currently comprised of:
60% Choose Most √√
40% Choose Sometimes 
You are able to tell which menu items fit the Choose Most √√ or the Choose Sometimes  categories by the check mark symbols next to the menu item.
Our goal is to increase the number of Choose Most items on our menu. We are continuously looking for new products and testing recipe modifications to achieve this.
Food Allergies and Special Diets?
The Lunch Program does not provide special diets. The only food that is available is what is listed on the daily menu.
If your child has any food allergies, remember to report these to the school office.
We ask that parents review the menu choices to make sure that your child is aware of those foods that they should not be eating.
How Much Does It Cost to Participate?
The cost may vary from month to month depending on the number of days of lunch and the menu offerings.
The amount you contribute each month does make a difference. If your family uses the lunch program for the convenience it provides, a full payment each month is appropriate.
If your family is unable to contribute the full payment each month, please put in the envelope what you can afford. Remember that the amount is kept confidential and that every contribution counts. Your support is important to the success of the program.
How does my child sign on?
1.  Each month your child will bring home a menu/registration form and contribution envelope.  Children must register for the full month.
2.  If you wish your child to participate every school day of the month:
    • Complete the registration form in full. The form must be signed by parent/guardian.
    • Place money and the registration form inside the envelope, making sure the label is visible in the window. 
    • Seal the envelope and return the envelope to the school before the due date.
3. Registration before the due date is important because:
      • Without your signature we cannot provide a lunch to your child.
     • We need to know how many children will be coming for lunch to order the correct number of lunches.
     • We do not want to over or under order the quantity of food required each month.