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Cross Boundary

Please Note: before applying Cross Boundary to any school you must register at your catchment school FIRST
Cross Boundary Applications will be accepted at the requested school beginning February 1, 2019. The cross-boundary application deadline is February 28, 2019.
Families who submit a cross-boundary application during this time will be informed of their child’s status by March 31st.
Families should visit their neighbourhood school and pick up a cross boundary application form. On the form families are asked to indicate other schools to which they have submitted a cross boundary form.
If the requisite space and facilities are determined to be available, cross boundary applications will be accepted in the following priority:
  • Students enrolled as residents during the current school year or accepted on a cross boundary application during the previous year;
  • Siblings (when other siblings are attending the school concurrently);
  • Students enrolled in on-site childcare programs, or whose childcare needs are provided within the attendance area;
  • Students whose residence falls within the attendance areas of other Vancouver schools;
  • Students whose residence falls outside the Vancouver School District
Applications will be time and date stamped upon receipt at the school.
Families may only accept one cross boundary offer. Once a family agrees to accept an offer, their application for cross boundary at other schools will be nullified.

Waitlists will be established for cross boundary students not accepted, to be maintained until September 30.
Families can submit a cross boundary application after March 1; however, schools do not have an obligation to formally inform parents of their status. Cross-boundary applications submitted after March 1 will be processed on a first-come basis, accounting for space, program and staffing availability.
 For more information please visit VSB Cross Boundary Information