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Health Information

Our School Health program (VCH) provides immunizations as well as health information and referral to school-aged children and parents. Nurses also provide referrals for a variety of assessments such as dental, auditory, speech, nutrition and mental health. Individual health consultations are provided by a nurse.

Below is information on common health concerns in children. You can also googles "sneezes & diseases" through VCH.

Influenza info Sept 2015.pdfInfluenza info Sept 2015.pdf

hand foot mouth info March 2015.pdfhand foot mouth info March 2015.pdf

impetigo info June 2015.pdfimpetigo info June 2015.pdf

fifth disease info Jan 2014.pdffifth disease info Jan 2014.pdf

head lice info Aug 2014.pdfhead lice info Aug 2014.pdf

HeadLice_Treatment Options.pdfHeadLice_Treatment Options.pdf

 Severe Food Allergy Info.pdfSevere Food Allergy Info.pdf