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Photo Gallery

Grade 8

  Cells and Microscope Lab               Forces Lab

gr. 8 Onion Cell.jpg       gr. 8 Forces Lab.jpg

  Optics Competition                     

gr.  8 Optics 1.jpg        gr. 8 Optics 2.jpg

 Fluids and Dynamics Competition
gr. 8 Forces Comp 1.jpg         gr. 8 Forces Comp 2.jpg        Gr. 8 Forces Comp 3.jpg

  Grade 8 Lab Safety Poster - by Aliya                                 Grade 8 Lab Safety Poster - by Veena
photo.JPGphoto (2).JPG

  Grade 8 Lab Safety Poster - by Yvonne                           Grade 8 Lab Safety Poster - by Helen

p.JPGphoto (3).JPG
Grade 9
 Our recent Strawberry DNA Lab
                                                                   Can you see it?                                                                                                           
 photo (1).JPG      photo[1].JPG 
  DNA Under the Microscope
  Courtesy of Muhammad
Chemical Reaction Lab                              Exploring Solar Energy - Solor Ovens 
gr. 9 Chem Reaction Lab.jpg           Gr. 9 Solar Oven.jpgGr. 9 Solar Oven 2.jpg

Exploring Space - Space Craft Design/Egg Drop Competition. Some really great designs! 



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