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DT Athletics



Students with the ability and interest in competing in the athletic program are urged to try out for the many school teams that compete in the Vancouver Secondary Schools Athletics Association (VSSAA). The actions of a student-athlete are a reflection of themselves, their team, their school, and their community. For more information regarding DT Athletics please contact the Athletic Director, Mr. G Durno, at


The choice of VSSAA teams that David Thompson offers are as follows:



Aquatics (Grade 8-12)                            Cross Country (Grade 8-12)       

Boys Soccer (Grade 8-12)                      Boys Volleyball (Grade 10-12)

Girls Volleyball (Grade 8-12)              




Girls Basketball (Grade 8-12)               Boys Basketball (Grade 8-12)

Wrestling (all grades Boys and Girls Divisions)



Badminton (Grade 8-12)              Girls Soccer (Grade 8-12)             

Girls Softball (Grade 8-12)          Track and Field (Grade 8-12)      

Ultimate (Grade 8-12)                  Boys Volleyball (Grade 8-9)

Golf (Grade 8 -12)  

The Athletic Board is responsible for administering the awards annually for athletic excellence.  In the spring of each year, the Athletic Awards committee brings to the attention of the Board those students who are eligible for the athletic awards.  Awards are based on the accumulation of points for all three seasons for the entire school year.
Following each season, a coach or sponsor of a particular team completes an Athletic Points Form listing points obtained by each athlete in that sport based on the following system:
(0)  Seldom there; extremely poor effort
(1)  Weak competitor; misses practises/games
(2)  Average competitor; misses some practises/games  
(3)  Average competitor; attends most practises/games
(4)  Good competitor; attends all practises/games
(5)  Excellent competitor; contributes all of his/her ability
Bonus Points are given as listed below:
(1)  For leadership qualities
(2)  For reaching a Vancouver Final    or
(3)  For winning Vancouver Finals
Certificate  -  candidate has accumulated a minimum of ten athletic points
Small Block -  candidate has accumulated a minimum of twenty-five athletic points and three athletic service points
Large Block -  candidate has accumulated a minimum of forty athletic points and six athletic service points
Silver Award -  candidate has accumulated a minimum fifty-five athletic points and nine service points
Gold Award  -  candidate has accumulated a minimum of seventy athletic points and twelve service points
In extraordinary cases a senior student may apply in writing to the Board for a Large Block if he/she is outstanding in athletics but deficient in minimum points.
Athletic Trophies are awarded to a male and female student in each V.S.S.A.A. competition level for each school year, based on student's interschool performance in that year.
Trojan Athletic Award is offered to a graduating student who has shown outstanding athletic ability, team leadership and service.
The Vickey Lindsay Trophy may be awarded to a Grade 11 or 12 girl or boy.  Candidates should possess the following qualities:
·  Superb sportsmanship,
·  Above average ability,
·  Team leader who is empathetic and leads by example,
·  Conscientious and responsible individual, and
·  Has made a significant contribution towards athletic service.
This award may be given to more than one person or not at all.
Students who perform service for athletics over the course of the year are eligible to receive formal recognition at the Awards Assembly at the end of the school year.  To receive an athletic service award a student must have accumulated points throughout their years at the school.  Points are awarded according to the hours served.  Having accumulated points from year to year, students may receive the following  awards:
      15 points - certificate        
      30 points - bronze award          
      45 points - silver award
      60 points - gold award
      75 points - platinum award