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Grads please check: for further information from the VSB on College and University applications and Scholarship opportunities. 


Additional information on scholarships can be found as follows:

 David Thompson District Scholarships

  • April 12, 2019: Application forms will be available in the office
  • April 26, 2019: 3:30 pm deadline for District Scholarships to be submitted to the main office

 Scholarships are available in the following categories,

           ·         Indigenous Languages and Culture

           ·         Fine Arts

           ·         Applied Design, Skills, Technologies

           ·         Physical Activity

           ·         International Languages

           ·         Community Service (Volunteer Activity)

           ·         Technical and Trades Training

David Thompson Graduating Class of 2019 In-School Scholarship Opportunities:

Click Here to access the scholarship application online.

UPDATE!!!If your grade 12 course is not listed when inputting courses and marks, please use ACCOUNTING 12 in its place and send an email to with your name and course name it should be. All marks and courses will be verified. Thank you.

March 14, 2019 - Link to Online Application Forms becomes available/active and hard copies of the application forms are available in the main office

***Attention: Please read this note carefully before proceeding to complete the online application form***

Do not use the back button or refresh your browser in the middle of your application. It will wipe out all the data you entered previously. 

If you complete your application and submit, you are able to modify it but ONLY if you keep the LINK that it gives you right after you submit your application. 

In order to qualify for a DT scholarship, you must have taken a minimum of 7 grade 12 level courses at David Thompson during the regular school year.  Any incomplete marks ('I') will remove your application from consideration.

Paper copies of the scholarship application are available in the office.  However, we ask all students to complete their application online unless they do not wish to have the information they provide stored on Google's server which is located in the United States and therefore is not subject to Canadian Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation.

Deadline for DT Scholarships submissions is, Friday, April 12, 2019 

@ 3:30 pm if submitting a hard copy to the office

@ 11:59 pm if submitting an online application  

No late applications will be accepted
David Thompson Scholarships

David Thompson Parent Advisory Committee Trades/Performing Arts/Vocational Studies Scholarship
  • Please complete the application and submit to the main office
  • The application form will be posted in April 2019
  • Deadline is May 3rd @ 3:30 pm

Coast Capital Youth Get It Education Award/Scholarship 
  • Please complete the application form below and submit to the main office by April 10th before 3:30 pm

Vancouver School District has announced three new scholarships for all secondary graduates of 2019:


Teacher Recognition Scholarship - $2500 (2)

Teachers Recognition Day Scholarship.pdfTeachers Recognition Day Scholarship.pdf

Support Worker Recognition  Scholarship -$2500 (2)

Support Staff Recognition Day Scholarship.pdfSupport Staff Recognition Day Scholarship.pdf

Administrators Recognition Scholarship - $2500 (2)

Administrators Recognition Day Scholarship.pdfAdministrators Recognition Day Scholarship.pdf


Deadline for submission is May 10th in the office. Please submit all necessary documents in a sealed envelope.