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Learning Support Program (Senior)

The Senior LSP is a program designed for students in grades 10 to 12 who have a Ministry designation.  The program maintains students who have I.E.P.’s and focuses on implementing a variety of adaptations to regular curriculum courses.  LSP courses receive the same credit towards graduation, leading to a Dogwood Diploma.
Characteristics of the Senior LSP include a smaller setting, extra time for assignments and quizzes, as wells as a variety of adaptations for students to exhibit their learning and understanding of the Ministry Prescribed Learning Outcomes.  Students also receive 1-2 Learning Support Blocks which aid them in strengthening and acquiring new study techniques.  The program also involves case management from the program teacher who liaises with family, teachers, school staff and other various agencies to help facilitate support for the students.
In grade 10, core academic classes are LSP English 10, LSP Social Studies 10, LSP Science 10 and Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 10.  Mathematics, Planning, Sciences, P.E., Elective Courses, Com. 11 and 12 classes are taught by teachers in the respective departments while Social Studies 10 and 11 and English 10 are taught by the program teacher. In grade 11 students generally take LSP Social Studies 11, Science and Technology 11 and Communications 11.  In Grade 12, students must successfully complete Communications 12 as well as previous courses, to meet the requirements for a Dogwood Diploma.  Students are also encouraged to take electives which meet their individual needs in combination with the requirements for graduation.