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September 2017


Hello David Thompson families!


Welcome to another year at David Thompson and a special welcome if you are new to the DT community!


We hope this webpage will be your go-to place for DT news that matters to you and your family! Your PAC executive is geared to connect with you regularly through the school year.


Thank you to all of you who attended our meetings and events last year! It was a busy year where we hosted a parent welcome night, teachers’ appreciation breakfast, Lunar New Year potluck and several informational evenings with our PAC meetings. We also disbursed thousands of dollars in gaming funds to enrich our students’ school experience.  


This year, the PAC would like to continue our emphasis on the following:

  • Better communication with families.
  • Engaging you all for a better family-school-community connection. When families are involved at school, students do better and stay in school longer. When a critical mass of parents is involved, the whole school improves.

This year, make a difference for your child by getting involved in the activities at the school and the David Thompson PAC. Not sure? Just ask us!!

We welcome your suggestions for Guest Speakers or Agenda items at our PAC meetings! Tuesday, September 19th is our PAC parent welcome evening and social at 7 pm at David Thompson so be sure to join us!

 If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at: or leave a note in the office for the PAC inbox. We will get back to you!




Ayesha, Jiemha, Sarah, Leila and Edward

Your PAC Executive