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Information for Parents

Kayo Devcic
School Age Children and Youth (SACY)
(604) 713-5899 and press 3
Constable Kathy Chan 
school: (604)713-8278
Multicultural Workers
Ms Joy Jose Filipino MCLW
Mr Patrick Wong Chinese MCLW
Maggie Li
Community School Team Coordinator at David Thompson
BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils
604 474 0524
Vancouver Crisis Line                                                                         604-872-3311
Mental Health Emergency Services                                                 604-874-7307
Rape Crisis Centre                                                                               604-255-6344              
Mood Disorders Association of BC                                                  ​​604-873-0103​​​
Who Are the People In Your Child's School (Secondary)
Meanings of Common School Acronyms
Acronyms.pdf (English)
Acronyms - Français.pdf (Français French)
Acronyms - 简体中文.pdf (简体中文 Chinese Simplified)
ELL Support Class: Why?
ELL Support Class - 简体中文.pdf (简体中文 Chinese Simplified)
Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
Parent Advisory Council 简体中文.pdf (简体中文 Chinese Simplified)
Parent Involvement in Schools (Elementary)
Parent Involvement - 简体中文.pdf (简体中文 Chinese Simplified)
Ways You Can Support Yur Child's Learning at Home