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Humanities 8 - The Renaissance

Links to Introductory Videos:

Horrible Histories - Renaissance

Rick Steves' Florence


Read "The Cartoons" in Pathways, pp 203-207, and Answer questions 1-4 on page 207.

The Beginning of Modern Banking:

Florence and Venice Comparison Chart sample and homework due Monday, May 12

Florence and Venice.pdfFlorence and Venice.pdf


Classwork for Monday and Wednesday, May 12 and 14th, and homework due Friday, May 16

The Italian Family and The Medici.pdfThe Italian Family and The Medici.pdf


Classwork and Homework Assigned, Friday, May 16

Classwork-homework - May 16.pdfClasswork-homework - May 16.pdf

Classwork and Homework Assigned, Friday, May 23

Topics: The Northern Renaissance, Gutenberg and the Printing Press, Jan van Eyck (artist), Albrecht Durer (artist)

Students watched, took notes and discussed these videos:

Johannes Gutenberg (14 minutes)

Northern Renaissance - The Supreme Art (first 7.5 minutes only)

The Northern Renaissance - Albrecht Durer (first 12 minutes only)

Note: Durer or Jan van Eyck would be good topics for your upcoming report.



  • Read Pathways, pp. 229-231 
  • Using your notes from the videos and the text, answer questions 1, 2 and 3 on page 233. You need to incorporate what you learned from the videos as the text will not be enough.
  • Due Tuesday, May 27


Research Project:

Renaissance Research Essay.pdfRenaissance Research Essay.pdf

How to Cite Works.pdfHow to Cite Works.pdf




Scientific Revolution Videos

​​​Tycho Brache, Johannes Kepler and Planetary Motion video part 1

Tycho Brache, Johannes Kepler video part 2

The Universe: Copernicus video

The Universe: Galileo


UNIT TEST (with China Highlights Unit Test) 

Wednesday, June 18

  • Group Z - 8:40
  • Group Y - 12:20