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Social Studies 9

images.jpgHello Everyone! Welcome to my Social Studies 9 website. 
Classroom: 207

This site has yet to be updated, but the following are maps and some links for Unit 1:

Unit 1 Maps:

Agricultural Revolution Video

Timelines TV (Factories and Machines and Iron and Industry)


Here is my email address:

This site contains a summary of the material covered in classes and units, including video links, handouts and homework. If you are absent you can check here for material you missed. If you want to watch a video you saw in class again, you can find it here.
As site material is added, separate webpages for each unit will be added. For the time being, this page will be like a blog and continue below by date.  

       Ms. Ramsey



Week ending September 26

Basic Geography Review:  This week we covered the seasons, basic geography and map terms which can be found on these handouts and video. There will be a quiz on this Friday, October 3

Monday, September 29
Basic Geography Review continued: Looking at map in room...maps didn't always look like this. Overview of history of mapping:
Thinking questions
  • What are maps for?
  • Are they always made for the same reason?
  • what are some different reasons these maps were made?
  • What do they say about what matters to the people who made them?
  • How do they change over time?
  • How do maps reflect the societies who make them?
  • Who and what occupations use maps in our society?
  • Do they use the same maps?
These are questions we will try to answer over time.

If you find the history of maps and mapping interesting, see this video online (until Oct 15)
Assignment: Map of the World - handout - due Wednesday Oct 1 beginning of class
Quiz: Basic Geographic Terms - Friday Oct 3
 Wednesday, October 1   

World Map collected at beginning of class

To prepare for Quiz on Friday, October 3: know all vocabulary on from pages 2 and 3 of "Solstice vs Equinox" except the following words:

  • solar altitude
  • axial tilt
  • Polaris

and know the following vocabulary from "The World" sheet:

  • Prime Meridian
  • Legend
  • Scale
  • Compass Rose

plus be able to list the 7 continents

These sheets are grade 8 review and you received them last week, so hopefully you know them well already.

Total: 26 questions/marks

Crossroads texts handed out today

and questions for Chapter 1 Due Friday, October 3

Crossroads p3-5Q.pdfCrossroads p3-5Q.pdf

We will finish Chapter 1 of Crossroads (a review of Late Renaissance/Early Modern Era) by the end of next week.

 Friday, October 3

Read and take notes on pages 6-11 in Crossroads for Tuesday


Tuesday, October 7

Renaissance Review questions - open book/use notes taken on weekend -

Due Thursday, Oct 9 for beginning of class

Social Studies 9 Chapter 1.pdfSocial Studies 9 Chapter 1.pdf


Current Events: ISIS

There is a short reading and questions I am not able to upload here - available from teacher or another student can pick up. - Due Tuesday, Oct 14 if not done for Thursday - Short Quiz on Tuesday Oct 14 on reading

It is very helpful to watch and rewatch this short video on the background of ISIS:

ISIS Background Video

It is also useful to watch these, especially for interested students or for students with no background on the Middle East:

Shiites and Sunnis



Thursday, October 9

Chart done for classwork: see page 12 in textbook: out of 16 marks


Homework: Due Tuesday, October 14

  • Read and take notes on pages 19-23 in Crossroads - important terms include Magna Carta, Parliament, Democracy
  • Do 2 Pie Charts - instructions and information on pages 24-25 of Crossroads

Optional Helpful Review/Preview Videos on this topic: we will watch and discuss on Tuesday

Magna Carta

The First Parliaments

Henry VIII and the Church


Tuesday, October 14

How to do the Pie Charts (there is an extension to Thursday as many had trouble). Review the following instructions:

How to construct a Pie Graph-First Graph.pdfHow to construct a Pie Graph-First Graph.pdf

How to construct the Second Pie Graph-no answers.pdfHow to construct the Second Pie Graph-no answers.pdf

We watched 3 videos - and took notes on 2:

Magna Carta and First Parliaments (see October 9)

Pudding Lane before the Great Fire 

Review questions for pages 19-23: Due Thursday, October 16

Social Studies 9 Activity pp19-23 2.1.docxSocial Studies 9 Activity pp19-23 2.1.docx

Mini Quiz on ISIS Handout - Thursday, October 16

Thursday, October 16

Homework: Due Monday, October 20

  • Read pp 26-30 in Crossroads
  • Describe Calvinism or Calvinists in a short paragraph
  • Answer Q 3 on pg 28 (current events)
  • Answer Q 3 on pg 31 (rewrite a speech)
  • If you are in D1.P3 you need to bring the Capital Cities map in for marking on Monday


Monday, October 20

History Timelines Link: use Journey to Democracy choice to repeat what we did in class

English History Timeline - Democracy

Questions for Crossroads, pp 31-35 - Due Monday, October 27



Wednesday, October 22

Today's News: CBC news

The English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell

Video Links:

Civil War

Oliver Cromwell

Working ahead?

Read Crossroads pp 35-42 and answer questions 2 and 3 on page 42 Due Wednesday, Oct 29


Wednesday, October 29

Homework: Read pp 42-48 in Crossroads

Complete the definitions questions on the handout


 TEST on Chapter 2 of Crossroads next week - multiple choice and written


Friday, October 31

Finish the questions handed out before - due Tuesday

Video we watched about The Glorious Revolution

The Glorious Revolution

Test on Thursday, November 6

- multiple choice and 1 written paragraph answer (choice of topics)

Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, November 4

Current Affairs videos watched in class as background to Hong Kong Protests:

Hong Kong Protests Explained

Are Hong Kong and Macau Countries?

Questions for Hong Kong Protests due Thursday, November 6

Answers for pp 41-48 will be collected on Thursday

Test on Thursday, November 6

  • 30 multiple choice questions based on the chapter work done during this unit (classwork and homework)
  • Write a paragraph answer on one of 5 given questions.


Wednesday, November 12

Intro to Revolutionary France - New Unit

Assigned Presentation Project and Vocab List given out for entire unit

Ch 3 Vocab List.pdfCh 3 Vocab List.pdf



Sample Student Visual Presentation on Louis XIV - students took notes (as they would for other student presentations)

Louis XIV Biography

Video on the History of the Palace of Versailles

History of the Palace of Versailles

QUIZ on first 12 terms from Vocabulary List on Tuesday, Nov 18

 Homework for Friday, November 14:

  • Read pp 51-54 in Crossroads (true story), and note/write questions it leaves you with. What do you want to know?
  • Choose presentation topic (due Nov 18 but it is in your interests to choose earlier)
  • Start looking up vocabulary
Friday, November 14

Preparing your presentation:

The site below has examples and links to the top five - two I have seen grade 8 students use: Prezi and Google, and I've seen nice examples from the sites overall pick: Powtoon. Prezi is non-linear so you need to practice with your presentation so you know what order of topics you will choose. All the others are linear, like Powerpoint. Have fun!

Best Free Presentation Software

Class activities:

Discussed Emilie

Took notes from Powerpoint:

Social Structure in France.pdfSocial Structure in France.pdf

Watched overview of French Revolution:

Crash Course - The French Revolution

Homework for Tuesday, November 18:

Read Crossroads, pp 59-61, 64-67 and add to notes from class

Work on presentation

Learn first 12 terms from vocabulary test for Quiz on Tuesday


SS9 - Classwork questions – France under Louis XVI – due Nov 20                                                            /9
Brainstorm responses to these questions with a partner in class. Use your notes and the text or review the videos and Powerpoints if necessary. You may need to read pp 72-73 as well, and use the headings in the chapter to find the best sources. Once you organize your answers, respond in a short paragraph individually for each question.
1.       How did the location of his palace at Versailles have a negative impact on Louis XVI ability to understand the problems being experienced by the French people?
2.       Outline three problems that contributed to the huge economic problems facing France.
3.       What were the social and economic problems that set the stage for the French revolution?


Thursday, November 20

Homework for Monday, November 24: Read Crossroads to page 78, Answer Q. 2, 3 and 5 on page 79

On Wednesday, November 26 there is a Quiz on 11 words from vocab list - #13 - 23 (Enlightenment to Bastille) plus a new word: deficit


Open Office

This is FREE software with programs very similar to Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. This site includes individual program downloads (faster) as well as the complete package. A google search will show you other download sites.

The Open Office equivalent of Powerpoint is called Impress.

Open Office Download for Windows


Review Days for Unit Test: December 2 and/or 4 (Review material given out in class on Nov 24)


NOTICE: Date Change! Due to the number of presentations still to be done, the Chapter 3 Unit Test has been postponed until Monday, December 8

The third Terms Quiz for Chapter 3 will take place on December 4 in the usual format



The Napoleonic Era

Friday December 12


Homework due today: Q 1-4, p 97

Homework due Tuesday, Dec 16: Q 1,2, p 99, Q 1, p 104. Read through page 101 or 104

Retest for French Revolution during class on Tuesday, December 16 - marks will be averaged.



The Industrial Revolution

We are back...good to know so many of you actually use this webpage! That was one time I actually liked to hear complaints :-)

Oliver Twist: Link to 2007 BBC Film partially watched in class on youtube:

Oliver Twist

Project Gutenberg: free ebook of Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist - free ebook

Work and homework due February 17

Read "The Economic Revolution" pp 134-139. Answer Q 1 and 2 on page 139. Add to Q 2 - Benefits and drawbacks of the changes to the textile industry (including to individuals and society). Q 2 is a multi-part question - with additions it has 6 parts.

Homework due Friday, February 20


Read "Transportation - from Market to Market, including The Opening of the Liverpool to..." pp 140-142.

Answer Q 2 and 3 (3 written answer) considering the video as well, on p 143.

Crash Course - Railways in Industrial Revolution


February 24

Classwork: watched video Urban Slums - Timelines TV

Read/skim pp 143-147

Read: Child Labour Today, Factory Acts pp149-150

Read Handout and do chart:


Homework Due Tuesday:

  • List 9 problems children suffered from working in factories: p 147
  • Answer Q 1,2,3 from "What Do You Think" p 149


February 26

Videos today:

The Peterloo Massacre

The Chartists

The Dawn of Democracy

Homework for Monday:

  • Read pp 150-156
  • Answer Q. 1 and 2, pg 156

We will cover the Irish Potato Famine and the Highland Clearances next week

Timelines TV Website

March 2

Videos watched in class:

The Great Irish Potato Famine

Coffin Ships

Emigrants: The Highland Clearances

Homework: Question 3, 4 and first question of Question 5 on page 156 for Wednesday

Chapter Test on Friday, March 6: Review Sheet given out in class


Canadian Geography

March 24 video watched in class: 

Bill Nye - The Earth's Crust

April 7 


World Biomes - An Introduction to Climate

Unit Test on Monday, April 13
New France - Crossroads Chapter 8
Timeline project sheet (with a couple of links): due May 20
Research Essay: due June 1
  • make sure you write in third person
  • no contractions, abbreviations or slang