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Social Studies 8

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my Social Studies 8 website. 
Classroom: 207
Here is the course outline and my email address:

This site is somewhat like a blog in that a summary of the material covered in class, including video links, handouts and homework will be posted following the class. If you are absent you can check here for material you missed. If you want to watch a video you saw in class again, you can find it here.
Site material is by topic on separate webpages. Use the links on the left to find the topic you seek.  

       ​Ms. Ramsey 

My Schedule: Second Block Rotation
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​SS 9 - Rm 207 SS 8 - Rm 207
Prep En 8 - Rm 207
​SS 9 - Rm 207 EN 8 - Rm 207
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 Chapter 1 - Pathways
 Building a new capital at Aachen - Advertisement
Websites we didn't get to look at in class:
Videos we watched in class:
Due Monday, February 23. Your religions chart (including Orthodox Christianity) is also now due Monday.
 The Anglo Saxons:
Videos watched in class: (note there are 4 parts) This link is to part 1, but parts 2-4 are on the same youtube page to the right
Questions 1, 2 and 3a on page 30 of Pathways due Friday
Questions 6, 7 a and b on page 30 of Pathways due Tuesday
 The Vikings:
Video watched in class:
Questions 2, 3 and 4 on page 35 of Pathways due Thursday, March 5
Study for Test
- Vocabulary, Important People, Places and Events
Chapter 1 Unit Test on Thursday, March 5