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Social Studies 8 - The Battle of Hastings onward - The Middle Ages

The Battle of Hastings - 1066

Video Links - Monday, March 10 Class

Horrible Histories - William the Conqueror

Horrible Histories Fan Video - 1066 The Battle of Hastings

Rick Steves' Intro to Bayeux Tapestry

The Animated Bayeux Tapestry

Other Useful Sites:

Play by play - still images of the Bayeux Tapestry

Complete Bayeux Tapestry - still images, no text

William the Conqueror Portraits


Medieval Life

Medieval Clothing 

The Feudal System in More Detail

Medieval People.pdfMedieval People.pdf - this helpful document describes all the jobs/occupations and has them grouped by social class category

Castles.pdfCastles.pdf - document used in class (including links)


Character Analysis.pdfCharacter Analysis.pdf

Medieval Life Project.pdfMedieval Life Project.pdf


Medieval Maps and Marco Polo
The Crusades
The following document contains the video links as well

Magna Carta 

Magna Carta Rap

Magna Carta 800 Years Song

Timeslines TV - Magna Carta


High Middle Ages Test on Monday, April 20




The End of Feudalism and the Plague

The following document contains the video link as well. Watching the video is essential. 

The End of Feudalism.pdfThe End of Feudalism.pdf


The following document contains the video links, urls for latest plague info as well as detailed info on the 2 activities (to be handed in Tuesday, April 29)

The Black Plague.pdfThe Black Plague.pdf



Study Guide and answer to prepare

Middle Ages Test study guide.pdfMiddle Ages Test study guide.pdf